Beauty in Beginning

The biggest hurdle when being yourself is that there is no owner's manual. It's not going to look like everyone else's show. ⁣

Of all the things I do in life, there is at least one thing that brings me endless joy. And this is creating beauty...⁣

It has taken time to cultivate but it is the most rewarding thing I have mastered. One of the only things I have mastered. ⁣

Over the course of four years, I have successfully repossessed all the things that are mine, sifted through them, moved them, rid myself of them and learned to love them. ⁣

Of course, this encompasses not only my physical property but my emotions, baggage, and beliefs. As a result, I have such peace when I am in my personal space because there is little there that doesn't belong. I relax in the knowing of myself and my things. ⁣

This is the gift that I believe would ease women's lives everywhere. Truly, we are meant to be bathed in beauty and luxury. It satisfies our nervous system and our very soul. When things are organized around us, we are content. We know what to expect with respect to our surroundings. Which is great! Because we have plenty other areas to expect chaos, considering we are chaos. ⁣

I've often considered how to offer this seemingly esoteric gift to folks. Well, step one is complete. Expect more greatness to come in this area. ⁣

Love, Light and WEALTH to ALL!